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6th-Jan-2007 04:40 pm
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Their names will forever be linked like that of Zinedan Zidane and marco materazzi they are sourav ganguly and Greg chappel.

Who delivered the head butt and now foggy in the memory but we all know the score. At the end of 2005 and an accelerating run of one day victories, it read chappel-1 Ganguly-0.
At the end of 2006,the Indian team was in the throes of the worst 15 –ODI slump of all teams barring Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, and blanked 4-0 by south Africa.
Promises about multi-dimensional players were premature, platitude about processes worn thin and total cricket was in tatters. Re-enter ,courtesy a new selection chief the prince of rough tides. Since his return,the Bengal left hander has shown enomerous comosure and more than reasonable return in low-scoring test and the teams tide has turned. A first ever test win in South Africa, and no egg shell on the dressing room floor. After the win chappel spoke in glowing terms about the comeback.Ganguly has said nothing ,other than his reception from coach was “very god”,in sorting cliché, a statement now par with “We are not underestimating the opposition”.

India’s emotional public of curse believes “DADA” has brought india’s edge back. Ganguly’s captaincy record, the Bengal bat has played a vital part in what could be the turn around moment for the banglore man’s leadership.
Chapel –1 ganguly-1
And it is not over yet.

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